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Thanks to its light, sleek design and small size, LUPA is a concentrate of style, comfort and ergonomics.

Production time : 2 to 3 weeks

Dimensions :
70 x 60 x 55 cm
Seat height :
28 cm
Materials :
Gel coat, résine polyester, fibre de verre
Use :
Extérieure / Intérieure
Where can I test it?
@Acte1_Biarritz @chezerik_biarritz @galerieslafayette @lesbaigneuses.biarritz

Easy maintenance: Lupa only likes water!

If there is a scratch on your LUPA, don’t panic, a short stay in our workshop in Anglet and it will be more than a bad memory!

Adopt a LUPA.

Made to order, LUPA adapts to your every wish. The 2021 collection is available in 10 colours: soft, neutral, pop, acid and of course, white and black in all their elegance.

Customize your LUPA to fit your needs!

Your imagination is our only limit! Do you have a crazy or very specific idea? Adopt a LUPA, the one that no one else will have.

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